We invest in entrepreneurs so children can stay in school longer & increase their future earning potential.

To achieve this we build economically resilient communities, enabling schools and parents to create businesses that empower and uplift education. Donating just $2.30/day empowers aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our Work

648 million people currently live on less than $2.15/day. We are on a mission to change that.

We identify promising entrepreneurs to build income-generating businesses. Our data indicate that financial independence begins with schools and parents so that the can sustainably ensure more children get to school. By providing world-class training, essential tools, and vital resources to transformative local leaders we are breaking the cycle of poverty and creating sustainable economic change.

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Human Stories

Businesses empower women leaders like Lucy.

Meet Lucy, she is the founder of a Olbolet Primary School (OBS) in Nkoilale, Kenya. OBS is a hub for financing, education, and mentorship. We seeded her livestock business and provided training. She now employs 15 people that have risen above the poverty line. Help us support entrepreneurs like Lucy.


Where We Work


Bordering the Indian Ocean, Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia, South Sudan and Ethiopia, Kenya hosts a rich diversity of natural abundance as well as ethnicities. But poverty and inequality remain key developmental challenges in Kenya, and people in the rural areas are still heavily reliant on the natural habitat inhabited by elephants and other wildlife, putting humans and wildlife at loggerheads.

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Women Building Businesses

Our whole mission at Humans for Education is to empower people to become financially sustainable. In the past, we have worked with schools to build

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