Got A Village? We can help.

For nearly a decade, we’ve fused expertise from top scientists, subject-matter experts, and diverse partnerships, cultivating a culturally sensitive method rooted in established scientific principles. 

Based on the research of Dr. Pariser and Dr. Monticelli, we understand the power of enabling the poorest to partake in economic development. We kick-started our mission by unlocking the potential of entrepreneurship, aiding schools and families in building small enterprises.

Work with us to create economically durable communities

Our unique approach has proven to impact 11 people for every entrepreneur in our program. Our subject matter expertise has created exponential results for every community we have served. 

For 7 years, we have worked to improve impact investing for the next billion people by utilizing rigorous data-driven solutions created by top scientists and subject matter experts.

Services Include

Ways To Worth With Us

Create self-sustainable small businesses to foster financial independence for community schools. 

Create financial independence for mothers fostering financial diversity for the community.

Reduce health-related absenteeism by providing holistic education and financial support around water, sanitation, and personal hygiene (WASH+). 

Increase educational attendance and educational scholarships. 

Work with us to create data collection and analytic systems

Speaking Engagements and More

Daphne and Stephanie have shared panels and stages with several top leaders and presented conferences such as TEDx to 50 – 5000+ audiences. Looking for a Humans for Education representative? Complete this form to submit your request. Please permit up to four weeks for a response, and please note that due to our small staff size, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

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