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These women are on a mission to change the world. When you #Invest1Empower11 these brilliant, brave, and resilient business women go on to impact 11 other women directly. 

How We Create Entrepreneurs

Invest. Empower. Legacy.

Join, our monthly giving community, Monthly Heroes. By joining this community you’ll bring entrepreneurial resources to families around the world each and every month.

Nearly 1 in 12 people worldwide cannot afford basic needs. Most of these individuals live in rural, isolated, difficult-to-reach areas. Every day these people need to make difficult decisions about how to spend $2.15, where they must choose between food, education, and healthcare, and often there isn’t enough for everything.


Investing in entrepreneurs who impact 11 others every month

We teach business skills to local entrepreneurs
We provide funding for business start-ups, job placement, and emergency relief
We provide business support and mentorship

Access to additional income through sustainable businesses means extra food, education for their children, healthcare when needed, and even the ability to start saving. Businesses create an opportunity to break the cycle of generational poverty — especially for women and children.

Every 1 Entrepreneur You Invest in Impacts 11 Others.

Be different. Invest in Sustainability.

It only takes $85 to invest in one business entrepreneur who then impacts 11 others

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Join the Monthly Hero Community.
We impact 4 of 20 targeted villages.
Your help is needed for the other 16.

When you give your donation goes to funding entrepreneurial solutions in rural communities. We won’t stop until everyone, everywhere has access to financially sustainable resources. But we need our monthly giving community, Monthly Hero.

We are locally-led and community-owned. Our approach to work is rooted in the power of collaboration and empowerment. We believe in the strength of local partnerships, working hand in hand with governments, community leaders, and employing individuals from within the community itself to identify the most promising entrepreneurs. Together with our locally-led allies, we forge connections with promising entrepreneurs to build income-generating businesses.

Monthly Heroes are essential to the work of our entrepreneurs. We count on monthly gifts to fill in any funding gaps that may arise or account for potential changes in project completion. Monthly Heroes enables us to fund our local partners with confidence and make the best long-term investments.

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Our Transparency Pact

For over seven years, we have brought together top scientists, subject matter experts, and diverse partnerships to create an approach rooted in proven scientific methods. We prove our project with GPS coordinates to our sites.

Meet Monthly Heroes Changing Lives Every Month

The Monthly Hero Community is composed of generous, brave, and determined people — like you. Join with us all to change thousands of lives! 

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