We bring Business to Africa.

Ensuring people rise out of poverty and join the global workforce and global conversation is the best return on investment.

Why Businesses?

Businesses break the cycle of poverty.


These women are on a mission to change the world. When you #Invest1Empower11 these brilliant, brave, and resilient business women go on to impact 11 other women directly.

Extreme Poverty

648 million people currently live on less than $2.15/day. Jennifer is changing that.

Meet Jennifer, she is the founder of a Glory Primary School (GPS) in Ngoswani, Kenya. GPS is educating students and mentoring business women. After funding her business, Jennifer now has several employees and impacts approximately 880 people in her community through GPS.

Help us unlock their incredible potential to move our world into a bright future and solve complex problems, by investing in entrepreneurs like Jennifer.

How do we build economically
durable communities?

By creating economic opportunities for leaders - especially mothers.

We invest in the entire education cycle to affect generational change.

What We Provide


Increased income keeps children in school, especially girls.

With our programs, people have increased their income by 50% and their savings by 100%. Participants have shared that they are sending more children to school. Schools show a significant increase in grades and overall better quality of education for students


Diseases from dirty water kill more people every year than all violence, including war.

86% of our students use clean water, and hand washing stations and WASH-related diseases have decreased by 36%. With increased income, the family can enjoy more meals of higher quality. The overall health of the students and families increases.

Women Empowerment

When one woman owns a business in Africa, she impacts around 11 lives.

We build businesses for schools and families, and for a woman-owned business, she can impact 11 lives directly. 1 school business impacts 1,650 lives. Beneficiaries enjoy a reduction in hospital fees, savings on food, and reduction in school fees.

Our innovative model.

We are on a mission to build resilient entrepreneurial communities to end poverty. In doing so, we ensure more people have access to education, healthcare, and food — particularly women and children.


Before entrepreneurs are accepted by Humans for Education an extensive assessment is done by several trained ground staff and scientists at Humans for Education. The assessments look at current assets, skills, and previous community involvement. 

Training and Mentorship

Once the entrepreneurs they will undergo an extensive educational courses that provide education in their specified fields and in business acumen. All entrepreneurs receive mentorship. 

Program Implementation

After the individuals starting businesses have finished the educational courses, business can be implemented. 

Why we focus on building resilient entrepreneurial communities.

Our model is created to work with the extreme poor, whether educated or illiterate, to teach them the skills they need from running a business to pitching and finding investors.

Education is one of the important social determinants of poverty

Data shows that education is one of the most important social determinants of poverty, so creating small businesses to ensure the sustainability and longevity of these essential facilities is key to the rise out of poverty for impoverished villages.

Additional funds means more children go to school

Ensuring that families have access to additional funds through scholarships or a small business will ensure that they can send more children to school and break the generational cycle of poverty. Most of the families we work with live on less than $0.50-$1.00/day.

Hygiene saves families money on medicine and healthcare

Additionally, lack of access to clean water and handwashing with soap has been linked to severe diseases and death, increases the financial strain on families and schools. Our data shows that after implementing our WASH+ (water, sanitation, and hygiene+) schools and families save money on hospital bills and there is a 40% decrease in WASH-related diseases.

We're Solution-Agnostic

We build economically durable communities by creating culturally-sensitive solutions. When building businesses or jobs, we consider solutions from sewing to agriculture to tech and fund the most appropriate solution for based on the market and resources available.

Resource Development

Providing entrepreneurs with larger networks and other resources to grow businesses

Business Training

Applicants will undergo rigorous daily training for 6-8 months.

Mentorship Group

Business owners are part of mentor groups that discuss all grow pains of owning a business.


Necessary tools to startup their business ideas.

Startup Funding

Based on the proficiencies in our courses and their business acumen, funding is provided.

Data Analytics

Evaluations of businesses and impacted populations will be ongoing.

Every $33 dollars invested feeds one person for an entire year.

What we do is essential, overwhelming, and incredible, and we are not done. It is critical that schools and families have the tools to generate their own income and have safety nets. And we believe we can make this change within our lifetime.

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