We want to express our deepest gratitude for your support over the past seven years. With your help, Humans for Education has been able to serve over 6,000 people, launch businesses, provide business education, and respond to emergencies like COVID-19. We have opened sites across Kenya and are in conversation with several other partners to consider expanding our locations.

Our goal is to build a place where millions of people can come to get a business education, build a business, transition from school to a job, or get a scholarship for the education that they need to eventually become the breadwinners of their families. Although we’ve been open for seven years, it is truly day one for us. As we know, the opportunities and risks ahead of us are even greater than those that are behind us. Together we will make conscious and deliberate choices, which will be bold and some of which might be unconventional. We hope that some of those will be winners.

I am grateful to you. I’m grateful to every single person on this email because otherwise we wouldn’t have the impact that we’ve had on all the people we work with.

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