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Our small business projects for schools costs vary depending on project type, geography, and local economies. On average, projects start at $50,000 and can cost $70,000 or more. Once you’ve made your gift, we’ll pair it with an appropriate project.

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We fund a variety of different small businesses for schools. We choose each project solution based on extensive evaluations we complete in the field and then based on the resources and skills of the schools we work with them to build a culturally sensitive small business. All schools undergo extensive, expert training, which includes financial classes where the schools create business plans they present to executive staff at Humans for Education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Humans for Education works to keep our costs focused on our programs and community. Therefore, when you fund a small business on average 80-90% of funds go to program costs.

Humans for Education evaluates each school and puts all schools through intensive training before they receive approval to move on to build a small business, this often takes 6 months. Once their business plan has been approved, the construction and implementation of their business typically take 2-3 months. After which, it tends to take ~12 months for the schools to stabilize and begin breaking even. The schools begin to see net profit around 12 – 16 months.

Each quarter, we have specific small businesses we are working on in different locations and you are welcome to get in touch with Daphne Pariser to learn about the specific locations we’re working in, and how your gift can sponsor some of our most urgent needs. If you are interested in picking a school we are happy to talk with you about the current schools we have undergoing our acceptance process.

If you make an undesignated gift online, we will send your donation to the area where it will make the greatest impact.

Humans for Education is built of 90% Kenyan staff and several of the staff are from the direct communities in which we work. Additionally, when small businesses are built we specifically hire experts in the field who source labor and materials from the local community.

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